what is seo?

What is SEO?

What is SEO or search engine optimization?

SEO are all the strategies used to improve the visibility of a web page through its positioning in Google.

Does the term sound familiar to you but you don’t quite understand how SEO works?

If you already know that your business needs SEO, and you want to know how we work in Your Web Positioning, click here and fill out the form. Get ready, because not only are you going to find out what the happy SEO consists of, but you are also going to discover what the keys to positioning your website are.

According to the aspect that SEO works
A. SEO On Page
B. SEO Off Page
According to the strategies to use
A. White Hat SEO
B. Black Hat SEO
C. Gray Hat SEO
Concepts related to positioning in Google that you should know

Google crawlers, robots or spiders
Indexing or how Google puts your content in its databases
The Google algorithm
What are keywords or keywords
What are penalties and why do you have to be very careful with them?
How to work your search engine positioning to attract more traffic
What is SEO or SEO positioning?

SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which means search engine optimization) are all techniques or actions aimed at increasing the traffic of a website by improving its positioning in different search engines.

Although SEO is the best known term, it can be called in different ways

Web positioning
Search engine optimization
Positioning in Google
Organic or natural positioning
SEO positioning
And so, different variants

From the definition we must stay with two ideas

Increase in visibility: the goal of SEO is to get more visits to a page.
Search engine optimization: although Google is the king of search engines (and whenever we talk about SEO we mean Google), the meaning of SEO applies to all search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc).
So far everything is clear, we now go to the heart of the matter.

Why is organic positioning important in your business strategy?

If you are reading this post, it is because you have a physical or online business or, at least, you are thinking of creating it (for now, let’s assume that you have already launched it).

Well, that means you have a website where you offer or sell your products and services. Great. This is where SEO comes in. To attract traffic (or what is the same, visits) to your page, you can establish different strategies.

SEO definition

This is what Google shows us (incognito) if we search for that keyword. In the first place is Idealista, then Fotocasa and in third place, Pisos.com. Of those 60,557 potential customers, these first 3 results, those that are positioned higher (hence SEO), are the ones with the most options to win customers.

In addition, users have already assimilated the idea that the search engine puts the most relevant things first, so we understand that in the first results we have more options to find what we are looking for.

That’s why it’s so important

If you position yourself well for the correct keywords, you will have a stable and free flow of potential clients continuously entering your website.

According to the aspect that SEO works

In this case, search engine optimization is divided into 2 main branches: On Page and Off Page.

The content of the web
The internal structure
The index ability (we will see it later).
The web architecture
The images

These factors are the most technical of SEO, but they are also responsible for 90% of the success of an SEO strategy. At Tu Posicionamiento Web we are experts in SEO On Page, which differentiates us from other companies that only focus on SEO Off Page and neglect web optimization.

SEO off Page

We speak of SEO Off page factors when we refer to the parameters that do not depend on the website itself, that is, they are external factors. For example, the links that point from other websites to ours.

For many years, these links have been manipulated to fool Google, but as we’ll see later, the king of search engines can no longer be fooled so easily. Although backlinks (external links that point to our website) are still important within the algorithm, they are less and less so. The search engine tends more to value other aspects such as the user experience. Hence, we are reluctant to use this type of strategy.

For us, it is much more effective to work on a good content marketing strategy supported by SEO writing, because that way we will get natural links (and not penalized).

According to the strategies to use

We enter a more controversial world, and it is that SEO can also be defined by talking about the 3 famous hats (hat in English) of SEO.

White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
Gray Hat SEO

Depending on the strategies that the SEO expert uses, he will be assigned one or the other hat. Let’s see it.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEOs comply with the quality guidelines for Google websites. This means that we never use illegal search engine tactics, or that we do not try to trick you into manipulating Google’s search ranking positions.

The reason: is it worth risking all your current and future web positioning (there are websites that never recover from a penalty) for using illegal techniques?

Black Hat SEO

And as you can imagine, black hat SEOs are the ones who try to manipulate Google’s search rankings. Black hat SEO techniques look for loopholes that Google cannot detect in order to disrupt the rankings for their benefit, or for the benefit of their clients.

What is search engine optimization?

Concepts related to positioning in Google that you should know
Now that you know why SEO is key in your business, it is important that you know some terms. Therefore, we are going to give you a small “SEO dictionary” with which to understand the basic concepts of how web positioning works.

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